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From devices and sensors to lifecycle management and connectivity, strategize your IoT development process with the help of our experienced teams. Our IoT Consulting Services also ensures high availability, resilience, reliability, and scalability, and addresses all the key challenges including interoperability challenges.
We aim to develop products which align with your core functionality so that you can fetch maximum output from your IoT product. That is a guarantee!

We will also help you in accelerating your IoT journey with efficient development approach that enables Cost Savings & Proof of Value with Proof of Concept.
We provide full-fledged firmware development services to companies looking to control equipment and gadgets remotely, connect devices within IoT infrastructure by collecting and processing sensor data.

We work with sensor manufacturers, OEMs and chip vendors to develop and deliver embedded firmware that supports a broad set of architecture and devices.
We have the ability to gather data from multiple sources which can either be sensors or API systems and then analyse, process and graphically represent the result.

We integrate AI to take control of the analysing process to help you make the right decision at the right time.
Make the communication between sensors and IoT components stronger by utilizing the software interface architecture. We create a well-thought-out design to build an easy-to-use product that helps your brand get a vision to life.

Our team develops physical prototypes that gives you the same product experience to ensure a seamless user experience. We implement design for manufacture principle for engineering IoT products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are a technology provider & manufacturer, who’ll implement end-to-end development projects. We work closely with client’s use-case and continue hand-holding them till field deployment and commissioning completed.

We have been into this business for more than 20+ years, serving clients from various countries.

Depending on the complexity, our turn-around time for design submission is 6-8 weeks. Then prototype testing for 4-6 weeks and finally manufacturing and supply starts by 10-12 weeks.

Yes, we do sign NDAs for protecting business interests. And we continue to be an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for long term basis.

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